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Therapeutic Foster Family (AFT)

The Therapeutic Foster Family (AFT) helps adult patients in their rehabilitation and reinsertion efforts.

The AFT’s objective is to help the patients’ rehabilitation and reinsertion. It combines family and institutionalized therapy. For patients who cannot live alone but do not require closed environment either, it provides therapy in a substitute stable family environment so as to restore their relationship skills and autonomy, and to resocialize them. Only a voluntary hospitalization system can make AFT work.

The patient is received in a family recruited by the Specialized Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Spécialisé, CHS). They work with the multidisciplinary team and help set up therapies for the patients they receive. All this is only possible with a free inpatient care.

Target population

This center is not part of any catchment area, but still gives priority to patients from the adult psychiatric ward at the Specialized Hospital of Ainé le Château. The psychiatric activities of the center, the psychiatry department and the AFT, are therefore complementary.
Depending on room availability, it is also open to other patients:

• patients living in Montluçon district,
• patients living in other districts in Allier department,
• patients living in Auvergne region,
• patients living in any other department in France.


Application must be sent by the referral center, with the patient’s consent after consulting the psychiatrist at the CHS of Ainé le Château.

Short-term or long-term stay is decided upon the patient’s therapeutic project. Admission terms and project are discussed with the referral center.

Programs offered

Rehabilitation-oriented therapy, in collaboration with medico-social centers (ESAT, Occupational Home Stay, Mecicalized Foster Home) and mental health centers.
• RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia)
• CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy)
• IPT (Integrated Psychological Treatment)
• ToMRemed (Theory of mind remediation)

Therapeutic education

“Educational therapy in foster family (EDUcation thérapeutique en accueil Familial, EDUFA)” program

This program includes:
• balanced diet,
• tabacco control,
• drug treatment.


Psychiatrist: François Petitjean
Psychologist: Géraldine Müller
Nurses: Angéline Augustin
Anne Lefebvre
Anne Bernaudat
Nicole Noëlle


Address CHS d’Ainay le Château
6 bis rue du Pavé
03360 Ainay le Château