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Officer for co-management and insertion at Clubhouse Lyon

Clubhouse France is a general interest association founded in 2011. It is non-profit, secular and apolitical. Its social objective is: create and manage places for mutual assistance (named clubhouses) with and for people with psychic disorders (such as bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and severe depression) as well as those excluded, so as to promote social and professional reinsertion. Based on benevolence, empowerment, mutual aid and open-mindedness, the association supports its members in their social reinsertion through an original approach: co-management of the place and individual support to each person’s project. The first clubhouse in France was opened in Paris in November 2011 (Clubhouse Paris). It receives and supports over 180 members, 30% of whom are undergoing professional reinsertion. The association won the “La France s’engage” award in June 2015, which made it possible to promote the clubhouse model across France in 2016.

Chargé(e) de Cogestion et d’Insertion au Clubhouse Lyon