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Mediation Therapy Center

It is part of the Multi-area Part-time Therapeutic activities Center of the Internal Transversal Division of the EPSM de la Sarthe. It is composed of 6 functional structures, all of them serving the adults, children and the youth of the entire psychiatric catchment areas. These two functional units which are CTM and CATTPI, inpatient and outpatient respectively, serve as liaison between different treatments proposed to the patient and develop more specific and professional care than proposed otherwise in these areas.


The center offers psychosocial rehabilitation care around 3 types of therapy: psycho corporal, cognitive and expressive therapies, in addition to the care provided by the whole EPSM de la Sarthe and adapted to the patient’s needs.

The center works in close relationship with other areas in order to provide patients with the care program the most adapted possible to their specific needs.

Target population

Inpatient young adults, adults and the elderly with psychic disorders.

Programs offered

Various therapeutic activities, mediated by psycho corporal, cognitive and/or expressive approaches. These approaches include social-therapeutic work and prepare the patient for other workshops and programs which are more specific. Some activities are carried out with contracted partners or outside institutions in order to prepare for discharge and transfer to CATTPI is necessary.

PE program “Education Traitement Antidépresseur” (Antidepressant Treatment Education)

Cognitive remediation, partly aided by computer (exercises from specific books and digital exercises from the softwares: Presco, Reha-Com and RECOS).

Mode of admission

Get prescription by psychiatrists from EPSM de la Sarthe and freelance psychiatrists.

Take an admission interview given by a caregiver.

Hear proposed plans for specific activities and setting of therapeutic objectives.

Undergo assessments named EMAE or ELADEB etc. and a neuropsychological checkup or a specific one prior to participation in a care program.


Dr Bernard CABUS: Head of department
Karine RIGUET: Health manager
Véronique BLOSSIER: Secretary

APO cognitive remediation team
Chloé SOMVEILLE: Psychologist-neuropsychologist

Therapeutic Education Team
Marie-Claude CHLIH: Nurse

Associated institutions

The Multi-area Part-time Therapeutic Activities Center is composed of two functional units: the Mediated Therapy Center, which is located within the EPSM and receives inpatients, and the Multi-area Part-time Therapeutic Reception Center, which is located in the city center of Mans and receives outpatients.


Plaquette de présentation du service du CTM


50-52 rue Chanzy
72000 LE MANS
02 43 78 57 18
07 86 44 36 20