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Focused on professional insertion, the Space of Insertion by Training and Working (Lieu d’Insertion par la Formation et le Travail, LIFT) is one of the support programs created and managed by the Research and Training Association (Association Recherches et Formations).

This culturally inclusive center is located in downtown Saint-Etienne and is associated historically and structurally with the psychiatric ward of Saint-Etienne university hospital.
The neurocognitive approach was brought in 2001 as part of an internal study and was then relayed by a PHRC (hospital program for clinical research) organized by the Saint-Etienne University Hospital. It is now an integral part of the many tools used to encourage patients supported by the center to find and keep a job.

Target population

LIFT is intended for patients with a psychic disability in the south of Loire region.


For the past twenty years, neuropsychology and imaging tool improvements have helped document the existence and frequency of cognitive impairments in a number of psychiatric diseases, particularly psychotic disorders.

Studies on rehabilitation programs have proved that stimulation, practice and strategy improved performance over diverse cognitive tasks. Neurosciences have been integrated around two axes:

  • facilitation,
  • skills and performance improvement.

With this dual approach and considering the 3 major cognitive functions (attention, memory and execution), we offer 3 types of intervention: a comprehensive assessment of preserved resources and altered dimensions.

These interventions are designed in a broad understanding of rehabilitation and recovery concepts, defined as “every process reducing the disease stigmas and improving psychosocial skills in patients so they may benefit from realistic life opportunities inside the community” (Association Réh@b).


Besides specific actions conducted inside the center, a broad partner network has been created to encourage patient integration inside the center, with the center resources.

This partner network covers every treatment aspect: medical sector, social and medico-social workers, training and institutional personnel and the corporate world.

Moyens développés

Délibérément inscrite dans une approche dynamique de l’accompagnement, le LIFT propose une prise en charge individualisée à partir d’une palette élargie de moyens

Developed methods

Deliberately integrated into a dynamic support approach, the LIFT offers a customized program from a wide range of tools.

Programs offered

Programs offered in this center are:

  • group workshops,
  • real-life professional situation.
    The objectives are skill assessment and training, integration and follow up in professional life.


The LIFT team is multidisciplinary and consists of:

  • a psychologist,
  • social workers,
  • educators,
  • information advisors.


6 place de l’hotel de ville
42000 Saint-Etienne