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Departmental Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Glières

The Departmental Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Glières (Centre Départemental de Réhabilitation Psychosociale des Glières) is a level-1 structure that is attached to the C3R of Grenoble (Referral Center for Rehabilitation and Remediation of Grenoble). This project led by two institutions (EPSM and CHANGE) was approved by ARS (Regional Health Agency) in October 2015. This organization is integrative on a department scale.

Missions and objectives

The objectives of this center are to:

  • Promote the principles of rehabilitation
  • Offer measures to assess rehabilitation
  • Help develop projects with the patient and partners based on assessments and initial interventions
  • Organize and coordinate personalized care (case managing)
  • Propose targeted tools of rehabilitation (social skills training, cognitive remediation, therapeutic education)
  • Relay work with the community and the network
  • Help implement autonomy projects and return to work

The center offers

  • full assessment
  • neuropsychological check-up
  • psychiatric and functional assessment using local resources and in coordination with the RéHPsy Haute Savoie network.

Moreover, it implements individualized follow-up and targeted rehabilitation actions.

Target population

  • Population of the Haute Savoie department
  • Young patients (18-35 years)
  • After initial decompensation (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder)
  • Personality disorder
  • Stable patients with reinsertion and empowerment difficulty

Programs offered

Therapeutic measures:

  • Individual CBT
  • Social skills training (the “abilities” game)
  • Care of delusional ideas (Michael’s game)
  • Stress management
  • Social cognition (RemedRugby)
  • Cognitive remediation (Twamley coming soon)
  • Psycho-educational interventions
  • Psychoeducation: information on the disorder (EIP)
  • Courses for families in partnership with UNAFAM (Profamille)
  • Participation in clinical research programs (C3R)
  • Going through procedures to become a fundamental associate center

Mode of admission

2 ways to get admitted into the facility

  • By medical request
  • Through the RéHPSY 74 network

To be admitted, you need to complete an admission file and send it to the Glières rehabilitation center or make a request for checkup when transferred to an ESEHP (Specialized team for the assessment of psychic disability).
Then you will

  • Have an interview to direct you in the facility: the pre-admission medical interview
  • Carry out a rehabilitation checkup (psychiatric, neuropsychological and nursing assessment)
  • Acquire an assessment report:
    • A meeting with the professionals who have carried out the checkup so as to draft a common document and arrange a care coordinator (letter to referrers)
      Feedback of information in the report to the patient, caregivers and referrers (share of the individualized follow-up grid called PSI )



  • Dr Bernard
  • Philippe GILLES
  • Dr Céline ROUSSEL


  • Titaua CHALLE
  • Odile FRANKE


  • Maryse DE CLERCQ
  • Sandrine REBELLE

Health manager

  • Jérémy CALLOT


Associated organizations

Lyon Rehabilitation Referral Center

  • C3R of Grenoble
  • RéHPSy and RéHPsy 74 network: medico-social and social partners of the Haute Savoie department
  • CHANGE Annecy (Annecy Genevois Hospital Centre) and EPSM La Roche-sur-Foron (Public Institution of Mental Health of La Roche-sur-Foron)
  • UNAFAM (National Union for friends and families of the mentally ill and/or disabled people)


Plaquette Centre Glières


Centre départemental de réhabilitation des Glières
219 chemin des bois des Fornets
74800 la Roche-sur-Foron