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Day hospital of Clermont-Ferrand


The Day Hospital’s objectives are to:

  • offer patients with psychosis specific activities for deficits such as cognitive impairment, lack of treatment observance, social skills impairment,
  • fight cardiovascular risk factors,
  • improve somatic comorbidity screening and follow-up,
  • give or reinforce patient autonomy,
  • better prevent social desinsertion and isolation caused by chronic psychiatric disorders,
  • give patients a better chance of professional reinsertion.

Programs offered

Cognitive remediation module

• Programs: CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy) and RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia) at Day Hospital and IPT (Integrated Psychological Treatment) at the psychiatric ward in Cournon

Therapeutic education module

• Insight and schiz’Educ programs

Module TCC

Groupe d’affirmation de Soi , Michael’s Game, programme PEPS
Module prévention des pathologies cardio vasculaire
Module Autonomie
Module culture et sortie

Family module

Profamille program

Mode of admission

Admission to the day hospital can be requested by psychiatrists from the local catchment area, those from other areas, freelance psychiatrists, general practitioners or psychologists, by simple letter or telephone to the unit’s doctor. We will propose an initial appointment to the patient, and a letter of acceptance or rejection for the checkup will be sent to the referring doctor.

Admission assessment and individualized therapy project

After admission, the patient goes through a two-month assessment period consisting of a medical evaluation (psychiatric and somatic), a cognitive assessment by a psychologist, and a nursing, social and functioning assessment. Following this observation period, the patient is offered an individualized therapy project including therapy objectives and activities associated with issues raised by these assessments. One copy stays in the patient file, and another is sent to their referring clinician.

The patient’s clinical evolution and therapy project are discussed every month by the medical team. Two yearly evaluations are intended to gather the various health care professionals taking care of the patient (nurses, social support services, guardians, etc.). The referring clinician will receive every year a mail with information on the project evolution.


Psychiatrist: Isabelle Chereau
Head nurse: Joëlle martin
State nurses: Florence Balouzat
Isabelle Henry
Martine Verdier
Social worker: Julie Defet
Occupational therapists: Elodie Barrier
Xavier Rossignol


Address Pôle de psychiatrie
CHU - Rue Montalembert
63000 Clermont-Ferrand
Telephone 04 73 75 21 30
04 73 75 21 25