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Robert Schuman Center

The Robert Schuman clinic is located in Berlaimont. It is a post-cure psychiatric center specialized in psychosocial rehabilitation and professional reinsertion. We receive stabilized psychotic patients, patients with chronic depression with impaired social skills and patients with personality disorder. The clinic has 40 beds for free hospitalization. The admitted patients will receive assessments of cognitive and social abilities within the first 15 days. An individualized therapy contract will then be created. Every trimester, an assessment of involvement will be performed and an interim assessment will be sent to the original institution.

Target population

Stabilized adult patients with:

  • Chronic psychotic disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders

Remediation programs offered

  • RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia)
  • CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy)
  • IPT program (Integrated Psychological Treatment)
  • MCT program (Metacognitive training)
  • PEPS (Positive Emotions Program for Schizophrenia)

We also offer other tools for psychosocial rehabilitation:

  • Patient Education program: “live a better life with schizophrenia”, a program certified by ARS in 2016
  • Psychoeducation groups for learning about the disorder, its treatment and emotion management
  • Psychosocial Skills Training groups
  • Program for the Reinforcement of Autonomy and Social Skills (PRASS)
  • Preparation and support for reemployment (assessment, follow-up, internship in ordinary or protected environment)
  • Family psychoeducation group

Mode of admission

You need to complete a pre-admission dossier which is available at the secretariat (03 27 56 78 00).

The original team and the patient will be received by a preadmission commission.

This commission is composed of a psychiatrist, a neuropsychologist, a psychologist, a nurse coordinator and a social worker.

After this meeting, the referring team and the patient will be informed about the decision.
If the decision favors hospitalization, an entry date will be suggested.

The clinic is contracted to the French Social Security system and is authorized by mutual insurance companies.


Dr Mérotte, psychiatrist and his healthcare team (a neuropsychologist, a psychologist, nurses, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a medico-psychological assistant, assistant nurses, a dietician, and a sports instructor)


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Centre Robert Shuman
1 bis, rue du vert dragon
59145 Berlaimont
Email: berlaimont at orpea.net