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Rehabilitation, Involvement, Therapy, Insertion and Socialization (RETIS)


The RETIS’s (rehabilitation, involvement, therapy, insertion and socialization) objectives are to:

  • reduce the symptoms and potential side effects due to drug treatment,
  • develop social skills,
  • work on de-stigmatization and fight discrimination,
  • organize activities focused on the patients, their relatives and their friends.

Mode of admission

Every admission application to RETIS requires a medical assessment/orientation interview with Dr Valérie MORAND, leading psychiatrist at RETIS.

Every application from the patients, their relatives or their psychiatrist should be directed to Mme MEDICI, health executive at RETIS, or to the Turquoise secretariat (see presentation leaflet).

Main indications

  • stabilized disorders, without extreme delusional symptoms,
  • disorder and symptom insight, even small,
  • disorders causing a cognitive impairment which may be reduced by rehabilitation,
  • recovered addiction, with a will to keep off the addictive substance or behavior,
  • examples of admissible disorders (non-exhaustive list) : paranoid schizophrenia, dysthymic schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, bipolar disorder.

Treatments offered


Help the patients acquire or maintain knowledge and skills necessary to better understand and organize their life with a psychic disorder.

Cognitive remediation

Find and stimulate strategies which may help patients circumvent and compensate for cognitive impairments caused by the disease.

Social skills training

Diverse tools encouraging autonomy in everyday life (personal hygiene, eating, commuting, moving, using money, communicating, meeting people, etc.)

Programs offered


  • ARSIMED program (disease module, therapy module)
  • Insight group
  • Family planning group

Remédiation cognitive

  • IPT program
  • “Happyneuron” software
  • MCT
  • CRT


Head psychiatrist: Dr Nicole GONZALEZ-DUPERRET
Managing psychiatrist: Dr Valérie MORAND
Health Manager: Joëlle MEDICI
Neuropsychologist: Marie LABROSSE
Clinical psychologist: Elise ROUX
Social Worker: Elise MARTIN


Plaquette de présentation RETIS
Power point de présentatino du RETIS



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