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Psychotherapeutic Center of Nancy

The Cognitive Remediation Team is located at the Adult Psychiatry University Medical Department of Grand Nancy, in the Psychotherapeutic Center of Nancy.

It has a psychiatrist, a neuropsychologist, a nurse and an occupational therapist.


The team aims at:

  • developing a care project for cognitive remediation as part of the life project of the patient
  • offering specific care of limited duration based on the objectives set with the patient, as a complement to the follow-up with the patient’s referring physicians
  • training health professionals

Target population

The Cognitive Remediation Team mainly treats patients with psychosis.

Programs offered

  • MCT (Metacognitive Training)
  • RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia)
  • ToMRemed (Theory of Mind Remediation)
  • Individualized cognitive remediation with specific tools used by a neuropsychologist
  • Group cognitive remediation focused on social cognition with specific tools implemented by a neuropsychologist and a nurse
  • Training to transfer acquired knowledge to real-life situations

Mode of admission

The referring team can send a request for care by mail or letter specifying patient information. An initial assessment will then be organized.


Head clinician: Dr MASSON David
Neuropsychologist: BERNARDIN Florent
Nurse: BUHREL Anthony
Occupational therapist: GERBER Celia


Plaquette de présentation Centre Psychothérapique de Nancy

Associated organizations

A PE (Patient Education) program intended for patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, authorized by the Grand Est ARS for the Psychotherapeutic Center of Nancy


Centre Psychothérapique de Nancy
Equipe de Remédiation Cognitive du Pôle Hospitalo-universitaire de psychiatrie d’adultes du Grand Nancy
Consultations Unité E/F
1 rue du Dr Archambault
54520 Laxou
Telephone of secretariat:
Email : remediation.cognitive at cpn-laxou.com