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Psychosocial care unit 16 (USPS pôle 16)

The psychosocial care unit (USPS, Unité de Soins PsychoSociaux) is specialized in treating patients with psychic disorders and can receive 15 patients in day hospital and 10 in CATTP (part-time therapeutic center). The center is oriented toward psychosocial rehabilitation, i.e. helping patients acquire social skills and encouraging socio-professional insertion.

The USPS team regularly offers IPT (Integrated Psychological Treatment) trainings.

They work in association with the leading psychiatrist and with the various partners involved in the treatment: CMP, foster home, ESAT, GEM, etc.

Programs offered

The USPS offers a customized treatment with individual care programs and group activities, such as:

  • regular follow-up and support interviews by two caregivers,
  • therapeutic education: support and help to understand the disease and how it affects every-day life (psychoeducation group),
  • work on self-esteem, autonomy and quality of life,
  • personal development through cultural activities and sport,
  • specific programs for cognitive remediation (memory, focus, attention, etc.)
  • work on communication with others and problem solving (social skills training),
  • customized support in life and work project (psychosocial rehabilitation).

Mode of admission

The admission application must be done by the psychiatrist and will be examined during a team meeting. If the application is accepted, the patient will be received by Dr. Launay and the medical team for an assessment interview and to introduce the center and offered treatments.


Head clinician: Dr C. Launay
Health manager: Aude Schlacther
Psychologist: Aurélia Todd
Occupational therapist: Audrey de Lussac
Nurses: Audrey Bernert, Elena Francula, Aimé Grosz, Olivier Journo, Maria Perez, Nathalie Simmonin
Medical mediator/caregiver: Philippe Maugiron


Unité de Soins Psycho-Sociaux
Hôpital de Jour secteur 17
Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne
1 rue Cabanis 75014 Paris

Fax: 01.45 65.69.09
Email: Hdj-s17 at ch-sainte-anne.fr