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Psycho-therapeutic Center of Mares-Yvon

The psycho-therapeutic center (Centre Psychothérapeutique, CP) of Mares-Yvon is located in Essonne and is formed by some of the inter-sector centers of the EPS Barthélémy Durand (Etampes), including a day hospital for adults, therapeutic workshops and a post-treatment institution.

Programs offered

Since 2010, the psycho-therapeutic center in Mares-Yvon offers:

  • a multidisciplinary assessment (neuropsychologist, occupational therapist, psycho-motor therapist),
  • individual therapies: RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia) and CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy)
  • group therapies: IPT (Integrated Psychological Treatment) and TomRemed (Theory of Mind Remediation)


Head manager: Dr Pierrette Caire Dieu
Cognitive remediation head clinician: Dr Pierrette Caire Dieu
Cognitive remediation leading psychologist: Elise Diot


Centre Psychothérapeutique des Mares-Yvon
Structures intersectorielles de psychiatrie de l’adulte
EPS Barthélémy Durand
7, rue Paul Langevin
91700 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

Telephone: 01 60 15 19 10
Fax: 01 60 16 91 59