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Isabelle Amado - Secretary


Isabelle Amado is psychiatrist and hospital practitioner in psychiatry at Saint-Anne hospital (Paris).

She started early her research on cognitive functions in psychiatry, and particularly in schizophrenia. In this context, she studied the effect of psychoactive drugs (antidepressant, antipsychotics) on cognitive functions. She conducted many researches related to attention and working memory and questioned the effects of existing treatments on these functions. Furthermore, she led many researches on ocular motricity looking for vulnerability markers to schizophrenia in various types of eye movements, particularly ocular saccades.

She coached many master and doctorate students in human and cognitive sciences. Since 2006, she showed an interest in the development of cognitive remediation, a then emerging psychiatric therapy in France. She took upon herself to learn the CRT method from Prof Til Wykes in his cognitive remediation center in London. Back in Paris in 2008, she collaborated with Nicolas Franck on a research project financed by the Hospital Program for Clinical Research (PHRC, Programme Hospitalier de Recherche Clinique). During this program, they decided to translate the CRT program into French and to compare its therapeutic effects with those of the RECOS program. This led to the widespread development of CRT in France and French-speaking countries.

Since cognitive remediation was steadily expanding in the University Hospital Center for Mental Health and Therapeutics (Centre Hospitalier-Universitaire de Santé Mentale et Thérapeutique), they decided, in cooperation with the day hospital of area 17 (Hôpital de jour du secteur 17, Paris 16), directed by Dr François Petitjean and with the manager Dr Corinne Launay, to bring every activity together into one structure called Referral Center for Cognitive Remediation, Reinsertion and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, C3RP (Centre Référent de Rémédiation cognitive, de Réinsertion et de Réhabilitation Psychosociale). In this context, Dr Isabelle Amado conducts treatment, coordination and research activities focusing on cognitive remediation and innovative programs, which are being designed in this field.


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