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Guillaume Régnier Hospital of Rennes

The university course of External Care and Assessment gathers community-based health professionals aiming to improve patient recovery in the Adult Psychiatry University Medical Department (Pôle Hospitalo-Universitaire de Psychiatrie de l’Adulte, PHUPA) in the Guillaume Régnier Hospital of Rennes.

This course is composed of three functional units that carry out their activities at two locations: in the north Rennes City (Janet Frame Therapeutic Day Hospital) on one side and in the south of Metropolis Rennes (La Morinais Therapeutic Day Hospital) on the other, the latter of which is in charge of the southern communities. The third functional unit, the Family & Psychiatric Disorders Resource Center (Centre Ressource Familles & Maladies Psychiatriques, CREFAP), operates on a departmental and regional scale.

Thanks to its geographic location, this course covers 250 000 inhabitants, providing care for people with psychiatric disorders. It is also able to provide 1 million inhabitants with family support.


The three functional units offer:

  • Intermediate care based on the biopsychosocial-professional model of psychosocial rehabilitation, aiming for recovery and social, housing and professional insertion.
  • Individual and group support, enabling patients to acquire practical skills of daily life;
  • Expert advice and assessment, offering an additional perspective;
  • Referral care, which responds to a university mission;
  • Professional training (for healthcare, social, medico-social partners and cooperative associations) and health promotion (within the health domain), which respond to a teaching mission;
  • Internship possibilities with the aim of training students and professionals.

Target population

  • Patients from the psychiatric catchment areas 35G03, 35G09, 35G12
  • Inhabitants of the Ille-et-Vilaine department (primary and referral care)

Care & Tools


Psychoeducation for schizophrenia
Psychoeducation for bipolar disorder
Liberman Education module for control of symptoms
“Equilibre” Module (Balance module)
“Santé” Module (Health module)
ActSoMed (ETP)
Metabolic syndrome prevention (coming soon)
Cognitive remediation
RECOS (Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia)
MCT (Metacognitive Training)
IPT (Integrated Psychological Treatment)
Michael’s Game
PEPS (Positive Emotions Program for Schizophrenia)
CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy)
ToMRemed (Theory of Mind Remediation)
Emois & Moi (PE)

Sensory art therapy

Art therapy
Mosaics making
Drama therapy
Musical springboard
Walking/Active walking
Beauty care
Self-care pill organizer
Evaluative culinary therapy
Therapeutic meals
Rehabilitation care
Conversation skills module
Home-based follow-up team
Accompagnement extériorisé
Foster care
Home care facilities
Monthly InfoCoM
Reinsertion apartments
7 individual apartments
Groups within UF
(in association with CMP)

Assertiveness group

TOC group

Post-rTMS TOC group

EMC group
Family support
Psychoeducation groups for schizophrenia

Psychoeducation for bipolar disorder

Share Our Knowledge (Partageons Nos Savoirs) (ETP)
ProFamille (ETP; coming soon)
Interview support
“C’Mieux à Domicile” (It’s better at home) facility
CHLOEE facility for diagnosis and family feedback evaluation
Family support for the bereaved


Rue du Moulin de Joué, 35700 Rennes
Tel: 02 99 33 39 00