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Eugen Bleuler Day Hospital

The Eugen Bleuler center consists of two non-hospital centers (CMP and CDJ) of the Versailles psychiatric university hospital.

The Bleuler center works in close collaboration with the research unit and therefore has designed a skill assessment tool based on the theory of mind (LIS: Situational intentional reading) and a cognitive remediation tool focused on the theory of mind (TomRemed: Theory of Mind Remediation). Trainings on these tools are regularly organized in the Bleuler center (contact Dr. Nadine Bazin: nbazin at ch-versailles.fr).

Programs offered

The CDJ offers group therapy for cognitive remediation:

  • ToMRemed
  • Michael’s Game
  • Cold cognition remediation workshop based on Medalia’s NEAR program
  • Workshops for social skills training and therapeutic education


Center manager: Pr M.-C. Hardy-Baylé
Service manager: Pr C. Passerieux
Head clinician: Dr N. Bazin


Centre hospitalier André Mignot
50 rue Berthier 78000 Versailles

Telephone: 01 39 63 90 11