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Esquirol center

The Esquirol center was created in 1978 on the plateau of Côte de Nacre, near the tower. Renovated and expanded in 2006, it houses the adult psychiatric ward of Caen university hospital.

Cognitive remediation program steps

  • Cognitive assessment conducted by a neuropsychologist prior to cognitive remediation;
  • customized program established with the patient, based on the assessment results (reinforcement or compensation of altered processes) and the patient’s goals;
  • individual (with occupational therapist) or group (in the day hospital) cognitive remediation. Tools used: Rehacom, Integrated Psychological Treatment (IPT), Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT), metacognitive skills training (MCT);
  • cognitive assessment conducted by a neuropsychologist following cognitive remediation to assess the therapy effect;
  • discussion over the results. If the goals have been reached, the therapy stops. If they have not, new objectives are set and a new cognitive remediation protocol is suggested.


Service Universitaire de Psychiatrie Adultes
CHU de Caen
Avenue Côte de Nacre
14033 Caen