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Daycare Center of Saint-Gervais

The daycare center of Saint-Gervais is a multidisciplinary assessment and treatment center, receiving adults and teenagers (aged 15 or more) with psychic disorders:

  • individual interviews: to make sure their customized treatment is not interrupted,
  • psychiatric rehabilitation: to maximize the patient’s skills and help them with long term recovery.

Therapeutic tools:

  • therapeutic education, psychoeducation,
  • occupational therapy, rehabilitation, reeducation,
  • group mediation activities: sport, expression, well-being, interactions, games, know-how, trips
  • individual psychotherapies (including CBT) and group psychotherapies (self-expression groups)
  • remediation and cognitive therapy (RECOS [Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia], Rehacom, IPT [Integrated Psychological Treatment], ToMRemed [Theory of Mind Remediation], Michael’s Game, EMC [Metacognitive Training])
  • social skills training groups (IPT [Integrated Psychological Treatment], skill game)
  • self-expression group
    The daycare center of Saint-Gervais works in close relationship with the psychosocial rehabilitation network RéPsyRED 76 to help patients in their social and professional reinsertion.


Director: Dr Fethi Bretel

The center team is multidisciplinary:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists, neuropsychologists
  • nurses
  • occupational therapists
  • social workers
  • peer support workers
    The daycare center includes:
  • a medico-psychological center (CMP),
  • a part-time therapeutic activity center (CATTP),
  • a non-sector day hospital with a 40-patient capacity for rehabilitation treatments.

Opening hours

Open from Monday to Friday from 2.00pm to 5.00pm


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Service de Psychiatrie Ambulatoire et de Réhabilitation du Pôle Rouen Rive Droite
3, place de l’église Saint-Gervais
76000 Rouen
Telephone: 02 35 07 92 78 (consultations)
02 35 07 92 70 (rehabilitation)
Fax: 02 35 07 92 71