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The CRESERC is an inter-sector center, providing and coordinating specific psychiatric treatments for outpatients with a psychic disability to help them recover and reinsert in society.

They offer assessments and coordinate treatments for cognitive remediation, therapeutic education and social skills training to support a customized project. These treatments are provided in the referral center, or in partner centers (psychiatric wards, multidisciplinary mediation unit, rehabilitation center, etc.).

The center offers trainings to professionals and participates in clinical research projects.

Target population

The CRESERC receives adults and teenagers aged 16 and more, with a chronic psychiatric disorder impeding their functioning and projects. The patients are sent by their psychiatrist for cognitive remediation treatment and therapeutic education to support their project.

Their condition must be stabilized and they should experience issues in their everyday life: memory loss, difficulty to focus and manage their disorder on a daily basis.

Programs offered

There are several therapeutic education groups available:

  • groups focused on schizophrenia, with various axes (disease, well-being, social life),
  • self-care skills (“schizophrénie” program),
  • adaptation skills (“bien-être” (well-being) and “vie au quotidien” (everyday life) programs),
  • “Profamille” groups for families of patients with schizophrenia,
  • a group focused on resilient or recurrent depression disorder,
  • a group focused on bipolar disorder,
  • a group focused on anxiety disorders.


Referring clinician: Dr Marion Chirio-Espitalier
Head clinician: Maryline Hervouet Trichereau
Nurses: Mireille Yodo, Yves-Antoine Harscoet, Adeline Lepage
Neuropsychologists: Leslie Hureau, Malory Vincent
Secretary: Nathalie Courdier


Hôpital Saint-Jacques
85 rue Saint-Jacques
44093 Nantes Cedex 01