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Caroline Demily - Treasurer


Caroline Demily studied medicine in Amiens and did her psychiatry internship in Rouen. She has been working in Lyon since 2006, first as chief resident, then as hospital practitioner.

Her efforts in the study of genetic conditions associated with cognitive and psychiatric disorders enabled the ARS Rhône-Alpes to run a regional center for screening and treating psychiatric disorders caused by genetic factors since January 2013. This center screens for rare genetic conditions in children and adults with unusual mental disorders and designs assessment and stimulation therapy strategies (cognitive training) if a rare condition has been diagnosed. A strong partnership with the Genetics Department at Hospices Civils de Lyon has been initiated to develop this innovating approach (Prof Patrick Edery and Prof Damien Sanlaville).

With a financial support from the AFRC and in collaboration with SBT, the center’s team elaborated a new cognitive remediation program for children: “Cognitus et moi” (Cognitus and me). This program targets attention and visuospatial processes, which are deeply involved in social cognition.


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Publications in French

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  • The following article by Isohanni et al. is translated into French to be published in the journal PSN: Predictors and consequences of schizophrenia in the Northern Finland 1966 birth cohort. PSN 2005 ; 3 (Suppl 1) : 8-15.


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Book chapters

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