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The C3RP is an inter-sector center created in 2010 and designated by the ARS in December 2012 as a specialized center in Ile-de-France.


L’ensemble du C3RP a pour missions
The C3RP missions are:

  • patient psychological assessment, especially neuropsychological and functional assessments,
  • enrollment in individual or group programs for cognitive remediation and validation of innovating programs in this area,
  • reinsertion support, in collaboration with centers specialized in reinsertion.


The center objectives are to:

  • improve insertion and rehabilitation for patients with psychosis, using psychosocial therapies, particularly cognitive remediation programs.
  • improve cognitive functioning
  • reduce symptoms
  • succeed in social and professional projects
  • improve quality of life
  • improve self-esteem
  • improve well-being

Target population

The C3RP is a center helping Ile-de-France patients succeed in their social and/or professional projects, using new specific therapeutic tools. Assessments and short therapies are conducted.

The center is intended for patients aged between 18 and 60 with chronic psychic disorders, stabilized and showing impairments in:

  • cognitive functions (memory, attention, etc.),
  • organizing everyday life and autonomy,
  • social interactions.

Programs offered

  • An interview and a comprehensive skill assessment
  • A multidisciplinary assessment including a neuropsychological assessment
  • A therapeutic education program for patients
  • Diverse remediation and rehabilitation programs
  • Specific orientation and support in collaboration with medical or medico-social centers in Ile-de-France (SAIPPH, MGEN, ESAT, SAMSAH, etc.)
  • For families: therapeutic education programs, particularly the Profamille program

Structures associées

  • SHU
  • HJ17
  • ISO8


Plaquette de présentation C3RP


Hôpital Sainte-Anne
1 rue Cabanis, Paris 14
Tel: 01 45 65 81 54