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Club Arihm is a non-profit association created in 1991 by psychiatrists, psychologists and company directors to conduct concrete actions to solve psychological and relationship issues in the corporate world. Their objective is to develop research to implement actions which improve the efficiency of social and professional insertion methods for patients with a psychic or mental disability. They intervene to help patients recover their professional skills through individual or group activities. Its actions aim at restoring vocational abilities by person or by group.

Following the company and public institution’s increasing needs, Club Arihm founded Arihm Conseil in 2007 to build expertise in psychosocial risk prevention, psychic health at workplace and job maintenance engineering intended for collaborators.

Target population

Club Arihm/Arihm Conseil helps job seekers and employees facing difficulties due to:

  • any psychic disorder,
  • neuropsychological and cognitive disorders (after a stroke, a head injury, an accident, etc.),
  • neurodegenerative diseases (MS, Parkinson, Alzheimer, progressive dementia, etc.),
  • mental disorders (Down syndrome, autism, Asperger, etc.),
  • functional disorders.


Medico-psycho-professional support to help seek or keep a job.


Medico-psycho-professional diagnostic assessment

  • Professional coaching in the workplace
  • Cognitive remediation
  • Cognitive and behavioral training in a professional situation
  • Social skills training


The multidisciplinary teams at Club Arihm/Arihm Conseil (including specialists, psychological coaches, HR consultants, ergonomists and trainers) follow specifications decided before each mission, both in a dialog spirit and in respect with discretion and ethics.
Members working specifically on cognitive remediation:

Psychiatrist and Club Arihm director: Dr Gisème BIRCK
Clinician: Dr Maria ILIOPOULOS
Psychologist: Lidia MAHIOUT


39 rue Balard 75015 PARIS
Website: www.arihm.org
Contact : Lidia MAHIOUT
lidia.mahiout at arihm.com