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Individualized support in personal projects in the fields of daily life, housing, employment, education, health, entertainment and interpersonal relationships.

Set of practices aimed at the autonomy, health and citizenship.

Target population

Psychiatric patients who wish to participate in or continue a recovery program with the support of the team.

Programs offered

Patients : help patients establish a personal recovery project and specify the tools and resources needed to accomplish it.

Examples of tools : project organization plan, health education for patients and families, cognitive remediation, stress-mindfulness management, social skills, Working First 13 team, housing, entertainment, adapted physical activity, peer support, and individual follow-up.

Close ones : provide information on rehabilitation strategies and skills training
Examples of tools : psychoeducational program, soirées de l’écho (evenings of echo)

Information and destigmatization : dissemination of information on mental disorders
Examples of tools : conferences, meetings, articles, media, website, facebook, webdoc

Mode of admission

Referral to psychosocial rehabilitation after one day’s assessment at the expert center.

Day hospital for assessment 04 91 74 57 90


Multidisciplinary team of psychosocial rehabilitation of a dozen people : psychologists and neuropsychologists, peer support workers, occupational therapists, nurses, sports coaches

Associated organizations

  • FondaMental
  • Working First 13
  • Habitat Alternatif Social
  • Association Solidarité-Réhabilitation (Solidarity-Rehabilitation Association)


Plaquette de présentation AP-HM


Centre hospitalier universitaire Marseille – Service du Pr Lançon.
50-52 boulevard Michelet
13008 Marseille
Secretariat for consultation : 04 91 43 55 52 / 56
Secretariat of the Day hospital for assessment : 04 91 74 57 90
CMP- Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center : 04 91 22 28 20