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4 Cantons Clinic

The 4 Cantons Clinic (Clinique des 4 cantons)opened in 2005. It received youths from 15 to 25 years suffering from psychiatric disorders: psychosis, eating disorder, mood disorder, depressive state, personality disorder, borderline disorder, school phobia and disabling neurotic disorders.

We provide care to stabilized patients in conjunction with the local-regional care network. The care connects all three aspects that are “care, research and rehabilitation”.

The clinic has 25 beds for full-time hospitalization and 25 places for day hospitalization.

Every patient has access to an individualized project. Family members are associated with the care facility from the beginning and throughout the hospitalization, especially during family interviews. The connection between the care project and the education project is an important part of the care. During hospitalization, the teams help the young patient with social reinsertion and choice of career.

Care offered

The 4 Cantons Clinic provides individualized and adapted care through communication among different professionals (rounds on papers, summary reports, medical-educational meetings…). “Care-research” is its characteristic.

Hospitalization is lasting. The care provided is specific for adolescents. The family is involved in the care even for adult patients. Research is associated with care.

The clinic does not receive patients in acute phase. It aims at mental restoration, rehabilitation and autonomy and they all require investment in time.

Every young patient’s care is individualized: healthcare professionals create a specific project within the 8 days after admission. They make adjustments to the medical objectives in summary reports every three months.

The specific follow-up is characterized by:

  • Interview with a psychiatrist and a psychologist
  • Follow-up by a physician
  • Family interviews and family therapies: family is essential to work with teenagers
  • Daily care
  • Body care
  • Educational work: it connects the inside with the outside, helps the youths build autonomy and open to the society

Group follow-up: work in therapeutic workshops

As part of the care offered by the 4 Cantons Clinic, patients have the opportunity to participate in therapeutic workshops, which are organized by caregivers, psychologists and doctors from outside.

Admission requests

Admission requests may be submitted by letter or telephone. The request is studied by the admission commission. If it meets all the admission conditions, a pre-admission appointment will be fixed. Final admission may be planned after the appointment.


The clinic is managed by a director who is in charge of the administration and finance.
A head clinician ensures the medical policy and its implementation.

The clinicians are responsible for the care, i.e. the implementation of care project for every young patient.

The health manager ensures the paramedical and socio-educational coordination and makes sure of the best lodging conditions.

Care is guaranteed by a multidisciplinary team: clinicians, psychologists, a health manager, nurses, education experts, a nurse assistant, a dietician…

The institution has an education unit which is an annex to the Lycée Raymond Queneau of Villeneuve d’Ascq. Under the authority of the director of studies, the courses are taught by teachers of the Ministry of National Education.

Director: Carole Bridoux
President of the Medical Committee (CME): Dr Arnaud Fossaert
Head clinician: Dr Arnaud Fossaert
Director of studies: Olivier George
Health manager: Sonia Maillard
Psychologists coordinator: Sandrine Picard


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Clinique des 4 cantons
Avenue Paul Langevin
BP 10439
59664 Villeuneuve d’Ascq Cedex
Telephone: 03 20 43 88 10 et 03 20 43 88 14 (après 21h)
Email: clinique.4cantons at fsef.net