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University degree in cognitive remediation (DU in “Remédiation cognitive”)

The university degree “Rémédiation cognitive” (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) first opened in 2009 and has been held every year since. It trains cognitive remediation therapists in one year.

Educational objectives:

  • provide information on cognitive remediation techniques available in French and validated for schizophrenia
  • teach how to use these tools as part of a comprehensive patient therapy, accompanied by a thorough evaluation
  • train each participant on one of these techniques through lectures, tutorial classes and internship

Educational manager: Prof Nicolas Franck

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Affiche du DU de remédiation cognitive
Plaquette du DU de remédiation cognitive
Contact stage


You can download the application form here:

Bulletin d’inscription pour la cession 2018
  • To send by e-mail: Mme Isabelle Winkler
  • To send by regular mail: Centre référent lyonnais en réhabilitation et en remédiation cognitive (CL3R) - 4 rue Jean Sarrazin - 69008 Lyon

When your application is accepted by the educational manager, you may pre-register on the University website during summer. The final administrative registration will be completed in fall (often after classes start).


You need to contact the desired internship(s) center(s). Isabelle Winkler will have the training supervisor list at your disposal in early fall.



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